What is my home worth?

Here in the complex Manhattan Market that is a tricky question. This market ebbs and flows and each neighborhood has its own values.


1. Go to Open Houses–check out what is on the market that is similar to your home and see how yours compares. Is the renovation, natural light, floor plan condition of the building.You can use an ehhh yeah WOW scale- Jot it down and use it for future reference when you list your property.


2. Get a current market report–many Real Estate agencies offer quarterly and yearly market reports that you can use to check numbers with your Open House List.


3. In home Evaluation–The best way is to have an agent come in and see your unit to give you an unbiased opinion. An experienced agent has developed skill sets and has heard so much feedback that she/he can assess how a property will doon the market after touring it. You shouldn’t have to pay for an evaluation, there are plenty of agents who would be happy to meet you and have an opportunity to list your property.


There you have it. It's always a pleasure to chat comment if you wish. Until next time I’m Donna Bradbury your Manhattan real estate Guru.